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Luigi's Roof Washing Service

Does Your Roof Have Mold Growing On It?

Luigi’s Roof Cleaning provides a specialty roof washing service to the coastal homes of southern California. Living near the ocean means your home is in a more moist environment compared to the typical dry atmosphere of southern California. This moist air allows for mold, lichen and all kinds of bacteria to grow on your roof’s shingles and tiles. These living organisms actually feed off of your roof and will destroy your tiles, causing you to need an expensive roof replacement. Our services will save you time and a lot of money by preserving your roof. The best part about our service is we do not use high pressure cleaning in order to achieve our fantastic results, thus ensuring your roof is not damaged throughout the cleaning process.

We Provide Superior, Low Pressure Roof Washing

Our company uses the latest techniques and products in the roof washing industry. Our approach to washing your roof is safer, more effective and comes backed by our 3 year warranty. Our Soft Washing service provides tremendous benefits far superior than regular pressure washing. Some of our low pressure, roof washing benefits include:

  • Removing dark spots entirely
  • Safely providing a clean roof that lasts 4X as long
  • Protecting your roofs shingles and tiles with low pressure
  • Eradicating mold, lichen and bacteria completely.

Here's What You Can Count On!

A Roof As Good As New

Increased Curb Appeal

Convenient Scheduling

3 Year Protection Warranty

100% Complete Satisfaction

Safe & Insured Company

We'll Take A filthy Roof And Make It New Again!